School letter please read

This was letter sent on 22nd September 2021


Dear Parents,



We are in the process of uploading some photographs to our webpage (in a long overdue refresh) so that you can see what the interior of school looks like at the moment...we have had a big 'tidy up' and bought some new furniture (with the kind help of the Friends of the School) to make everywhere fresh, clean and as pleasant a learning environment as possible for the children and staff.



On Saturday 16th October between 10 and 12 we are hoping that you will consider coming along to help us with a 'garden makeover'. Ginny Moore, who developed the garden when she was a parent here and has continued to be a wonderful support over the years is going to be here and with a 'many hands make light work' approach we hope to get the garden back into shape too.


Below are a list of jobs that need to be completed on the morning. If you can spare us a couple of hours we would be really grateful. Please let us know whether you can come by replying to this email.


To do

Fruit bed.

Dig out bindweed, brambles and other weeds from fruit bed

Put rotted muck around fruit bushes 

Spread wood chip over bed as a mulch.


Wildlife bed (flowering shrubs)

Dig out bindweed


Compost heaps

Move semi rotted compost onto one box 

Spread the rotted compost on lower veg bed


Lower veg bed

Spread rotted compost from compost heap 

Spread a little rotted muck (if available)

Cover with mulch, (unwashed sheep wool-if anyone has sheep, straw or rotted wood chip)

Possibly move Hydrangea to flower bed and dig out bindweed beneath it.


Herb bed

Remove Cardoon stems



2 wheelbarrows to collect wood chip 

Unwashed sheep wool if someone has access to any.

Digging fork if you have one you are happy bring

Buckets to put bindweed in. (important not to put in compost heap.)


A cake :)


After school club

As you know due to staffing issues and the Covid guidelines, we have not yet returned to offering an After School Club. I have spoken with a company today who are willing to attend school and provide sporting/circus skills etc as an ASC. There would be a member of school staff on the premises at all times and all ASC staff would be fully DBS checked etc.

The cost per evening would be £5. Please would you indicate by email to this address or Admin whether you would be interested in accessing a club like this and for how many days per week. If you could also indicate which days you would like this to be available, that would help with the planning side of things. If you could let me know by email by next Monday 27th September, we can start things going asap.  

We hope to offer teacher led clubs on at least one other night and I will let you know more information as soon as possible.



We are unable to hold a whole school Harvest this year, but we do plan to take the children to the church in their classes for a special Harvest celebration. Once again we would like to support the Patch local charity and would be really grateful if you would send donations of tinned/packet food to school for this.

KS2 pupils will visit the church on Thursday 7th October and FP pupils on Wednesday 13th October so if you could send the items before those dates that would be wonderful.


Additional Learning Needs

A letter will be sent out (hopefully at the end of this week) to outline the changes to ALN within schools in Wales and what this will mean for children in our school.


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