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Cosheston VC Primary School Safeguarding

Cosheston VC School fully recognises the contribution it makes to child protection. Our school is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all children and will take action to safeguard their well-being. Children have a right to protection.

Our school has earned a reputation for providing a secure and stimulating environment in which pupils can grow and learn. We value this reputation and continue to work to provide a wide range of balanced learning opportunities for all pupils. Opportunities that not only fulfil their educational needs, but also help them develop into independent and responsible people.

Through the general ethos of the school, we will seek to encourage children in need of support to come forward.

At Cosheston VC School children are encouraged to develop their full potential by working in an atmosphere of co-operation and tolerance. Our primary aim is to promote the highest achievement of each child in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

We believe that achieving the best for your child comes through close co operation between home and school. Staff are always available to talk to you about any aspect of your child’s education and to share in the celebration of achievements or discuss any concerns that might arise.

‘We all share a responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, whether as a parent or family member, a friend or neighbour, an employer or as a paid or volunteer worker. All members of the community can help to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people and should act to do so if they have concerns about a child’s welfare.’ (Safeguarding Children: Working Together under the Children Act.)

Cosheston VC School works with multi-disciplinary partners within the statutory framework established by:

  • Pembrokeshire Safeguarding Children Board (PSCB)
  • The All Wales Child Protection Procedures 2008
  • Safeguarding Children: Working Together under the Children Act 2004 Section 28
  • Safeguarding Children in Education – the role of local authorities and governing bodies under the Education Act 2002
  • PSCB – Handling Allegations of Abuse Made Against Adults who Work with Children and Young People.

Our policy applies to all staff working in the school, anyone may be the first point of disclosure for a child or a concerned parent. The Child Protection Policy will be reviewed annually under the direction of the Local Authority Designated Officer for Safeguarding in Education, taking into account any new policy documentation and/or guidance.

The designated staff for Safeguarding are Mrs. G Evans and Mrs. K Adams. All policies are available in school.